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OGame private servers top list. Free servers, guides,High Speed games.all games gathered in one dedicated top list.

1 nogame

NEW ULTIMATE SERVER!!! Extreme High Speed - Stable and Without Bugs. Come and join us!!!

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Corrado-Game High Speed Ogame Private Server

01-06-2016 Uni9 will start -- this new game will be the fastes game we when your like loads of resources this game can be something for u!!.game whit many cool we hoop to see u there in the first of June when the battle begins !!

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The most active Ogame private server. Balanced speed, nice community, custom design, great admins. No pay to win.

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Space - Destroyer (2moons clone) Opened the 23/04/2016 at 13:00

Balanced ogame clone. Game speed x20, fleet speed x10, Resources production x20. You earn dark matter through points, so it's play2win, Join now! we are looking for active players! Officers only costs 100 DM

IN 226 OUT 37

Erkunde Galaxien und erschaffe neue Welten. Treibe Handel und gründe Allianzen! Aber sei auf der Hut, denn du bist nicht allein. Auch andere durchstreifen diese Sektoren und nicht alle werden deine Freunde sein!

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Game in your Smartphone

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Zyperax Space

Join Zyperax Space for a great experience as also for a great Combat. Play with hundreds of our Players and conquer the Universe. We support a full spanish,english and german Gameplay.

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OGame Turkiye Online Uzay Oyunu

OGame Turkiye Online Uzay Oyunu. Efsanevi Klasik Ogame Oyunu. Gereksiz eklentiler ve asiri hizdan uzak klasik temada ogame oyunu. Turkiyenin en kaliteli sunucusu.

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NOW WITH STEAM AND FACEBOOK LOGIN! Onova is a new OGame server, away from 2Moons and Xterium design and without many mods. Here you do not need to pay to be on top positions, and you receive free dark matter per weekend! Invite your friends, form...

IN 132 OUT 37

Experience a complete bugfree Gameplay with a friendly and active Staff, well balanced Rate, unique content and conquer the Top ! We support full german,english Support ! Opening Date: 22 November 2015 Join us today and be the Emperor of the Universe!

IN 117 OUT 45

XOrbit ist ein online Weltraum Strategie Browsergame. Alle Inhalte sind Free2Play. Kämpfe gegen hunderte Gegner um die Dominanz im Universum. Verleite deinen Interessen Nachdruck mit einer großen Flotte an Raumschiffen. Erschließe Kolonien und erweitere...

IN 83 OUT 10

With Space - Rivals you experience a complete german- and English supported Game. Server Start: 20. September 2015. Join a great Community out of helpful Players and your cruellest Enemys. Join and conquer the Universe of Space - Rivals!

IN 40 OUT 39

Server start: 29.07.2015! Join in the wonderful world of Space-Emperors, one of the most bugfree and secure server, good rates and active support! Full German- and English Support. Join in the big Community of Space-Emperors!

IN 34 OUT 21

A new and Free Ogame Server opend - We offer a stabel server with english and german support. Also there is no Pay-to-Win, everybody has the same chances!

IN 7 OUT 18

1030 Wars [formerly 2020 Wars] is an online Browser game where the main objective is to conquer the universe. A new Universe will be opening soon!!! A brand new style/layout that other sites do not have!! Stay tuned!!

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OGame Space War Game is a new ogame based space strategy game. Hızlı ogame oyna, uzayı fethet!

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Erkunde ferne Galaxien und erschaffe neue Welten und Planeten. Verstehe es Handel zu betreiben und gründe Deine Allianzen! Aber sei auf der Hut, denn du bist nicht allein. Auch andere durchstreifen diese Sektoren und nicht alle sind deine Freunde....

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18 L-Wars

Free Flow. RATES OF PLAY OF THE GAME SPEED: SPEED X 2.000 FLEET: X10 SPEEDS OF RESOURCES: X2.000 FLEET IN DEBRIS: 65% DEFENCE IN DEBRIS: 5% Opening Wednesday, 29.04.2015 at 14:00

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19 Xterium

Ihr seit Alle Willkommen in mein Speed Ogame Spiel Geschwindigkeit: 1.000.000 Ressourcen Geschwindigkeit: Flotten Geschwindigkeit: 10 Flotte ins Trümmerfeld: [75%] Verteidigung ins Trümmerfeld: [25%] Maximale Galaxy:...

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Alle sind Willkommen. Mit Gutscheincode "SpaceChronicles" bekommt ihr eine kleine nette Starthilfe fürs Uni. Und wen es nicht reichen sollte sind da ja noch die Asteroiden. Gamespeed: 25.000x Ress Speed: 10.000x Flotten Speed: 50x Viel spaß damit

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Features: - You start with just one undeveloped world and turn that into a mighty empire able to defend your hard earned colonies. - Create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for the next greatest technological achievements. -...

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A space strategy game in real time. Game with hundreds of users. No download, it only requires a standard browser. Free registration

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IN 1 OUT 4

Ogalaxy es un juego de estrategia en el espacio. Compite con jugadores las 24h para conquistar el universo. Todo lo que necesitas es un navegador estandard. --------------------------------------------- Ogalaxy is a space strategy game with hundreds of...

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Tanto para unos como para otros, le guste a quien le guste, InfinityUniverse viene con un estilo y una forma de juego con partes totalmente renovadas y completamente innovadoras. Hacen de ello un modo de juego mas fresco aunque manteniendo la esencia del...

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