Niburu Space is a web browser based multiplayer game. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more. Gameplay is similar to Ogame.

OGame Turkey is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser.

OgameSpace, taray─▒c─▒ (browser) ├╝st├╝nden internet ba─člant─▒s─▒ arac─▒l─▒─č─▒yla oynanan, ├Âzel bir kurulum gerektirmeyen, ├╝cretsiz bir uzay strateji oyunudur.


Calypso Universe is a quality server with lots of modifications, great design, active community and nice admins. If you want a real and bugless experience play here.

Cult browser game of your parents :) The best game in the style of an old ogame. Free trader and commodore non-stop. Starting the game in March 2021 - welcome :)

A new Era arises. Velorium is starting! Are you looking for a good ogame clone which has the rates x10 faster than the real Ogame. A long lasting Universe with many Features which is not pay 2 win. Build up your Empire and form Alliances to conquere...


Dark Matter has almost zero effect on gameplay, only trader and geologist active.

Perplex-New-Star | Aliens in Space

Multilingual - Gamespeed 100x - Perplex-New-Star is an alien space strategy game. !!! Colonize new galaxies with your UFOs. New-Star is a web browser game engine. The goal of this work is to completely restart the OGame-Clone 2Moons: a new design, a...

V.I.P. Ogame

Classic skin, fast universe

Space - Rivals

Space Rivals starts a new Universe on the Speed of x50.000 at the 02. April 2021 with many useful Features available in EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PL, RU, TR

11 Zyperax

We opened a new low-mid speed Universe at the 13.12.2020! The new Universe offers a new and clean Design, some new, unique and useful Functionalities and and a great Gameplay available in English, Italian, Spanish, german, polish, russian and turkish!

New Uni Opening 17.12.2020 | 100.000 Dark Matter Gift. Register Now and Play OGame on All Devices. Mobile, Tablet or Pc.. | Classic, Multi Lang, TR-EN-FR-PT-ES-PL, Safest Server , No-Bug

04.03.2021 / / Clasic / Mobil / 300 3 400 x / 9 Lang.

>> Fighters of Galaxy > Fighters of Galaxy - 300x Game speed - 26 February 2021

OgameX is a space-based realtime strategy game. >300X Game speed. > Best graphics. > Opening: 26 February 2021

Amazing OGame Universe!!

Join our second Universe which started at the 22. December. A fresh and clean start will guarantee a great Gameplay! --- Highspeed Universe! ---

Deep is a 100% farming universe with special features and rates for players who want to raise an Empire with resources management and trading business skills. Dynamic pace and many outstanding features . Have a try !

[NEW UNIVERSE VOID - OPENING 18 OCTOBER - 20:00 FRA TIME] Time to show your skill in this universe with no moons ! Hide and seek..Search and destroy will be your moto !

Be the ultimate Imperator of a Universe full of ennemies and agressive Aliens. Raise your empire, build your war fleet and produce necessary ressources to survive ! Be an actor of Havoc . Our Staff is very reactive.

Next Generation OGame inspired Web Browser Multiplayer game. Fight, Conquer, Build your galactic empire in space. High Speed! Lots Resources! UNIQUE Features! Best Game, Admin Team and Support. For players that love Space, Strategy, online games and OGame

DeuteriumX is a modern web browser based multiplayer strategy game set in space. We've built this game taking the best qualities from Ogame and connecting them with our vision of how modern Ogame should feel. Empire management, Space battles,...

OGame Eagles is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser.

Ogamex is fast speed Ogame clone and will bring you a lot of fun. Enjoy the optimized battle system, multi-language game and lot of active players. This is the best private server right now!!! WELCOME GIFT 200.000 DARK MATTER!


BattleStar Universe is a space strategy game in real time. You can Trade, Fight, Explore the universe and compete with other players from around the world. You only need a normal browser, either on desktop or mobile. Create an economic and military...

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